Western Rise Diversion Pants Designed as a replacement for your favorite pair of jeans, these pants are as tough as workwear, as comfy as sweats, and as stylish as jeans.

They call it “tougher than workwear, more comfortable than sweatpants, and more stylish than jeans.” Yep, that’s a lot to live up to. Stand by their claims, however, is exactly what the folks behind the Western Rise Diversion Pants are doing.

Designed as a substitute for those “stiff, limiting work pants,” it’s a jeans-like pair of trousers that look equal parts rugged and stylish. Aesthetically, it’s casual enough to wear for field work (and, hopefully, tough enough for it) and stylish enough to wear with your business casual outfits, all while looking good enough to stay in when hitting the clubs after work, making it quite the versatile pair of pants.

The Western Rise Diversion Pants is made from double weave canvas fabric that’s a blend of 94 percent nylon and 6 percent spandex, giving it both a good-looking drape and a comfortable four-way stretch for maximum mobility all throughout the day. That stretch, along with a six-inch gusset, makes it perfectly suitable for field work, as you walk for long periods and move your legs in positions that might prove difficult otherwise. Outside, it’s woven for durability to make sure it survives the ravages of field work, while inside, it gets the same soft and moisture-wicking dobby weave found in sweatpants, making these as comfortable as the lazy pants you wear when lounging around at home on Sundays.

It gets C6 DWR treatment, allowing the pants to shed off water, so you never have to spend the day dripping, whether you got caught in the rain or experienced a spill. Having that treatment means it’s also less susceptible to developing odor, holding dirt, and staining, allowing you to wash the pants as infrequently as your favorite pair of jeans. How do we know you don’t wash your jeans? Mostly, because nobody does. Do note, the DWR finish won’t stop oil and grease (that means, don’t wear this when working on the car in the garage), so if the pants do come in contact with either one, try to immediately spot clean it using a mild detergent.

The Western Rise Diversion Pants comes with water-resistant pockets, so you don’t have to worry about getting your phone or wallet wet, complete with one pocket sized to hold a modern smartphone flush, so your mini-computer doesn’t have to feel like an awkward burden on your pants. There’s also a hidden zippered pocket on the rear right section of the pants, in case there are any items you want to carry in a more discreet manner. Other features include a double-hemmed cuff (inseam is extendable by an inch), UPF 50+ rating, and YKK zippers.

According to Western Rise, by the way, these are meant as everyday pants. Basically, a capable replacement for your jeans. Between the styling and the stretch to the DWR treatment and the dual-weave, we can’t really argue against that. Hopefully, it holds up in actual use.

Available in two colors, flat black and blue gray, the Western Rise Diversion Pants are priced at $138.

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