Wedgewood Rings Wedgewood's roster of wood-and-metal rings combine stylish design, refined aesthetics, and an affordable price.


Many men don’t wear any rings apart from their wedding bands – it’s not quite as ubiquitous an accessory as a watch, after all. Like many style choices, though, rings make a statement, whether you’ve got an iced-out bling, a cocktail ring, or a family heirloom. We’re not entirely sure what statement Wedgewood Rings’ pieces make but we have a feeling its somewhere along the line of being a stylish yet practical male.

Instead of being made from all-metal like traditional rings, the outfit makes their rings in two materials: wood for the inner surface and metal (or metal and wood) on the outer. The dual materials create a nice contrast that makes the rings stand out, all while being comfortable (thanks to the nickel-free inner) and durable (thanks to the metal parts).


Wedgewood Rings work with a variety of materials for both the metals and wood. For the metals, they use titanium, Damascus steel, zirconium, and cobalt, apart from occasionally using ceramic for the outer (recommended for those who work with electricity, as it’s non-conductive). For the wood, there’s a similarly wide selection, including reclaimed ones from whiskey barrels and even wood salvaged off the Word War II warship, USS North Carolina. Yes, they do take custom orders, so you can get the exact metal and wood combination that you’re pining for.


Each ring, by the way, is crafted, sanded, and polished by hand, so they’re really well-made (apart from looking pretty killer). To ensure lasting durability, they also get multiple coats of a clear, durable epoxy resin finish that, according to the outfit, resembles the finish you’ll find on a boat.

You can check out the inventory over at Wedgewood Rings, with prices starting at a reasonable $255.

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