Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Wahoo goes beyond cycling this time around with a GPS sports watch that tracks triathlons, strength training, and even yoga.

We’re big fans of Wahoo’s fitness-focused cycling products, from their bike trainers and bike computers to the various accessories they use to raise the indoor training realism. This time around, they’re going beyond cycling in the form of the Wahoo ELEMNT Rival.

A full-fledged GPS sports watch, the wearable can track way more than your stats on the bicycle, allowing you to monitor and record your runs, swims, strength exercises, and yoga workouts. That’s right, it works similar to popular GPS sports watches from Suunto and Garmin, albeit with the added benefit of Wahoo’s expertise in tracking and quantifying cycling performance as they’ve done with their numerous bike computers.

The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival is a triathlon-focused GPS sports watch that does all the things you expect from a product in the category. It can track a variety of activity data, such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate, and GPS/GLONASS positions, as well as calculate mileage, speed, pace, and a whole load of other stats, including metrics specific for each individual activity. Unlike other GPS sports watches, though, it sticks to the kind of training activities people tend to do in the city, so this is all about running, cycling, swimming, strength training, and yoga. That’s right, there are no profiles for hiking, kayaking, and other less-common activities, so this is strictly for individuals who stick to more popular training activities.

It comes specifically programmed for triathlons, with a touchless transition feature that allows you to switch from one activity to the next without ever touching the watch, so you just go about your training without having to fiddle with the thing on your wrist. According to the outfit, it can even create triathlon training plans and give advice of things to do in between events.

The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival comes with a round 1.2-inch diameter color display that boasts a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, so it can show off your stats in a variety of layouts and charts that should make them easy to understand, along with zoom buttons for zeroing in on important information. A Gorilla Glass layer on top should shield the screen from any kind of damage, while the nylon polymer case is sealed up enough to exhibit water resistance at depths of up to 164 feet. Other watch elements include a ceramic bezel, a silicone strap, and a rechargeable battery rated to last up to 24 hours with the GPS running and up to 14 days with the GPS turned off.

It has both Bluetooth and ANT+ for wireless communication with other devices, such as your phone, Wahoo bike computers, and various training sensors, as well as full control for the outfit’s KICKR line of stationary bikes and bike trainers. The watch, by the way, can automatically upload data to both Strava and TrainingPeaks. There’s also a smartwatch mode that lets you activate a variety of watch faces, as well as receiving alerts for calls, texts, and emails.

The Wahoo ELEMNT Rival is available now, priced at $379.99.

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