Vuori Sonic Seamless Board Shorts Technical and sustainable, this high-performing pair of board shorts also help clean the planet by being made from 23 recycled plastic bottles.


Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen an increase in board shorts made using recycled plastic bottles. It’s a cool thing to see, especially when the garment delivers the kind of technical performance that make it a legitimate option over other board shorts in the market. Vuori’s Sonic Seamless is one of those options, embracing sustainability while packing in as much technical prowess as any serious surfer requires.

Made using 23 plastic bottles, each pair of shorts takes out a whole lot of trash that would otherwise litter our landfills and oceans. It does that while looking good and being fitted with all the technical talents to help you perform, whether you’re catching waves with the boys, paddleboarding with the girlfriend, or hitting cut shots at beach volleyball with your kids. Yeah, you’re a really competitive dude.


According to Vuori, the Sonic is the most technical board short in their sustainable line. It wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you lightweight on the feet, brings a four way stretch to keep your movements free, and performs durably enough to withstand rough contact with most anything on the beach. Anti-microbial properties ensure it never gets stinky even after extended use, with welded seams that won’t rub harshly against the skin. Features include laser-cut perforations on the inside leg for added ventilation, two zippered pockets (side and back), and an 18.5-inch length that’s designed to fall just above the knee.

Available now, the Vuori Sonic is priced at $85.