VSSL Mini Cache A smaller version of VSSL's torch light and storage tube, it retains the near-indestructible build while cutting down in size for better portability.


We’re big fans of VSSL’s torch light that doubles as a carrying tube for various survival items. We think it’s perfect, although we understand folks who think it’s a little too big for a handy torch light. Maybe they’ll find this smaller VSSL Mini Cache a whole lot more suited to their liking.

A smaller version of the outfit’s utility product, it’s, basically, the exact same thing – just smaller. As such, you get a LED torch that doubles as a carrying tube for holding whatever EDC gear you feel will come needed throughout the course of the day.


The VSSL Mini Cache is about the same height as a can of soda, albeit with a smaller diameter for an easier grip when used as a torch light. It comes with a three-mode water-resistant LED torch on one end, which broadcasts a flood beam for illuminating a wide patch of area, along with a single button on the body for controlling the light. On the opposite end sits a removable cap that opens to a storage chamber, which you can fill with first-aid supplies, fire-starting tools, or whatever other smaller items you’ll require. And, yes, it’s large enough to hold a pocket knife with more room to spare.


Features include a “nearly-indestructible” aluminum construction, a built-in magnetic compass on the end cap, and a built-in carabiner on the same end cap (so you can hang it anywhere). It comes in two colors: silver and black.

Available now, the VSSL Mini Cache is priced at $65.