VSSL Java VSSL turns their signature canister into a portable coffee grinder, allowing you to brew a freshly-ground batch while slumming it outdoors.

There’s no shortage of ways to make delicious hot coffee on the go, from simple pour-over systems to compact all-in-one brewers to battery-powered coffee contraptions. Just make sure to have enough ground coffee in your supply stash and you’re good to go. But what if you prefer making your coffee from freshly-ground beans? That’s where the VSSL Java comes in.

That’s right, the company that makes all sorts of canister survival kits is now turning their attention to coffee. Because… you know… coffee is essential to ensuring the survival of your sanity in the outdoors. With this thing, not only can you enjoy a hot cup of the glorious beverage, you can even make it from a freshly-ground batch each time out.

The VSSL Java takes the same canister design the outfit specializes in and turns it into a manual coffee grinder. As such, it gets a durable aircraft-grade aluminum body, so it will shrug off the usual knocks and bumps of the outdoors, all while sporting compact dimensions (6 x 2 inches, length x diameter) that make it incredibly easy to stash in your pack. Basically, if you’re a fan of the outfit’s canister kits, chances are, you’ll prefer this over other portable bean grinders, as well.

It uses stainless steel burr blades, by the way, to ground that bean into tiny bits, similar to any self-respecting coffee grinder out there, all while coming with 50 different settings, so you can fine-tune your ground quality exactly to your liking. Whether you need coarse ground coffee for your French press, a fine ground to make some espresso, or an absolutely pulverized grind so you can just snort your coffee straight up the nose, this thing should let you do that, with plenty of leeway in between. Basically, you can get any kind of ground you want to match your brewing method of choice.

The VSSL Java uses two high-grade radial ball bearing sets that, the outfit says, will ensure any pressure and force you exert are applied evenly to actually grinding the coffee, with none of the wobbling that can happen with some manual coffee grinders. It has a chamber capacity of 20 grams, so you can only grind a small amount of beans at a time. Good news is, it’s plenty fast, with the outfit claiming it should let you grind any 20-gram batch to your liking inside of a minute, so you can go from grinding to brewing a hot cup in short order.

A quick release lid makes it easy to remove the top for adding beans to the main chamber, so there’s no need to turn and turn like your typical screw-on covers. The lid, by the way, is equipped with a flip-and-clip carabiner handle that you can use to hang it on a strap or carry it on your finger. Oh yeah, the durable aluminum body is rated to bear loads up to 200 pounds, so you can drop this at the bottom of your pack with heavy loads on top without having it take any damage.

The VSSL Java is available now, priced at $145.

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