Voice Caddie SC200 Swing Caddie This smartphone-sized golf gadget records swing speed, ball speed, and shot distance, giving you instant feedback that you can use to improve your game.


Sometimes, all you need is a little information to figure out ways to improve your golf game. That’s exactly what Voice Caddie’s SC200 Swing Caddie delivers, watching every single one of your swings and giving you its readings on the fly.

A standalone device that you place facing the ball (or the tee), it uses a radar and a barometric pressure sensor to determine the speed of each swing, how fast you sent the ball going, and the estimated distance it traveled. The data is flashed on the screen immediately after each shot, giving you a good idea of how well each shot went and whether you need to make adjustments the next time out as soon as you check it out.


The Voice Caddie SC200 Swing Caddie measures about the size of a smartphone, with a kickstand in the back for conveniently standing it on the ground. Aside from showing the information onscreen, it comes with voice output that recites the readings after each shot, allowing you to get the data immediately while still keeping your eye on the ball. To start using it, simply choose the club you’re using, set the loft angle, and you’re set. Aside from reading your performance in actual games, the device comes with a target mode that lets you set a target distance to aim for and assigns a score based on how you close you come to it, as well as an approach mode that produces random distances for you to hit, essentially turning erstwhile practice at a range or even the backyard into a mini-game.


Features include statistics for your last 100 shots, a remote control so you can change settings without having to lift the device off the ground, and a 4-inch screen. It uses four AAAs for power, a fresh batch of which can last it up to 20 hours of play.

Available now, the Voice Caddie SC200 Swing Caddie is priced at $349.99.

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