ViperSharp Knife Sharpener Keep your favorite blades in tip-top shape the easy way with this high-precision, ultra-efficient, and highly-affordable knife sharpener.


If you know what you’re doing, it’s not that hard to sharpen a knife. Doing it with efficiency and precision, however, is a whole other thing entirely. The ViperSharp is a new tool that facilitates high-precision knife sharpening, allowing you to keep your blades in tip-top shape without the usual hassles.

Designed to take away the guesswork involved in knife sharpening, it holds the blade completely in place the entire time to ensure you’re sharpening the length of the blade evenly. Even better, you can adjust it to hold the knife at, practically, any angle, so you can hone any blade in absolutely any way you prefer.


The ViperSharp isn’t unlike some of the knife sharpeners we’ve seen before. What it does, however, is improve a whole lot on the design. Aside from the infinite sharpening angles, the blade can be quickly flipped without having to reset the system, stones can be easily swapped, and the fingers always remain a safe distance from the actual blade, as you control it using a safety ball right on the handle.


It also holds a very small part of the blade, so the clamp isn’t likely to damage your beloved Amsler Hurricane Razor, with no sloppy movement on the guide rod at any point to ensure precision honing the entire time. Everything is mounted on a wide, balanced base that you can screw down onto a surface for even better stability.

Slated to ship end of November, the ViperSharp is priced at $150.

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