Victorinox Swiss Army NailClip 580 As awesome as your multi-tool is, nothing there helps you clip dirty fingernails when you need to clean up in a jiffy. This one does.


You know how you’ll carry a Swiss Army Knife in your pocket, thinking you’re ready for what the day brings, and realize what you actually need is a nail clipper because you’re going on a date and your fingers looks all manners of unkempt. And, as it turns out, your multi-tool doesn’t have one. Yeah, it’s probably time to trade it up for the Victorinox Swiss Army NailClip 580.

An eight-tool pocket knife with a nail clipper, it lets you trim those unkempt nails as soon as you notice them, ensuring you never have to shake hands with a client or meet up with a date while dirt is caking at the tip of your fingers. No more trying to clip the darn things with your pocket knife’s tiny scissors – this thing lets you properly trim it to hand model specifications. Or as close as your hand can get to one anyway.


The Victorinox Swiss Army NailClip 580 is a tiny multi-tool measuring just 2.6 x 0.7 inches, so it’s really no bigger than most standalone nail clippers, making it hassle-free to drop in a pocket or in an EDC pouch. Despite the size, it manages to cram in seven other tools (aside from the clipper), namely a 1.75-inch blade, serrated-edge scissors, tweezers, toothpick, a nail file, a nail cleaner, and a key ring. Features include a quick-release tool mechanism, stainless steel tools, and a red Cellidor handle.

Available now, the Victorinox Swiss Army NailClip 580 is priced at $22.

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