Viberg Service Boots Based on a design used for military boots, this reimagined pair sheds the utility of basic training footwear in favor of a sophisticated urban style.


Despite the name, these aren’t military boots. The Viberg Service Boots, however, does have some military history in its lineage, as it’s a more fashionable and upscale reinterpretation of a boot used as standard issue by various countries’ forces during World War II.

Based on the original boot pattern designed by founder Edwin Viberg in 1931, it strips the utility elements usually found in military footwear. None of those thick outsoles, burly uppers, and heavyset construction, so it’s not the kind of shoes you should see anyone wearing at basic training soon. Instead, it’s the original design reworked for the man about town, turning out a boot that looks equal parts rugged and refined – perfect for wearing with a pair of dark jeans, whether for a busy day or an adventurous night out.


Over the years, Viberg has released several versions of the Service Boots, most of them based on the same, familiar silhouette, but with slight adjustments to differentiate them from the rest. This iteration, made exclusively for Notre, keeps things as simple as we’ve ever seen it, even going so far as to shorten the tongue for an even more streamlined look. It uses an Italian-made calf leather that’s been vegetable-tanned using oak barks, creating a medium gray hue with olive undertones, along with a Daninite sole and stitch-down construction. Each shoe, by the way, is handmade in Victoria, British Columbia, with every single pair hand-finished by Glenn Viberg.


Available from Notre, the Viberg Service Boots is priced at $740.