Vestige Chromatic Stripe Camp Shirt & Swim Shorts A collaboration with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, this colorful outfit is the perfect thing to wear while you're lounging by the water.

A camp collar shirt and swim shorts have long made for the perfect outfit when you’re lounging in the sand by the water. Whether you’re on a long overdue vacation in the Carribean or just enjoying the weekend sun at a local beach, it’s a garment pairing that will leave you looking good and feeling comfortable. The Vestige Chromatic Stripe Camp Shirt & Swim Shorts take the classic summer wear and injects it with the colorful, geometric stylings of artist Josef Albers.

Created in partnership with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, the garments take the outfit’s standard camp shirt and swim shorts designs, then covers it in a print inspired by Albers’ Interaction of Color book. To the unfamiliar, that book represents the artist’s groundbreaking work on color theory, where he discusses an experiential way of both studying and teaching colors.

The Vestige Chromatic Stripe Camp Shirt & Swim Shorts are covered in a vertical stripe print that embraces one of the principles from Albers’ color theory, which states that harmony is achieved by combining colors in such a way that no single one becomes dominant. In the print, each stripe is cast in a seemingly random width, with the color placements made based on each shade’s vibrance, creating a pattern in which every color catches the eye without any one standing out. It’s a nice design.

The shirt is cut in lightweight viscose fabric, with a classic camp collar design that makes you look like you’re vacationing in a tropical island, even though you’re living through the sweltering heat in the middle of the city. It’s a casual enough shirt for wearing with shorts for lounging in poolsides and gallivanting during hot weather, all while buttoning up nicely enough for business casual wear inside the office. The shirt comes in a trim fit, by the way, so you might want to size up if you prefer your beach shirts with a more relaxed fit.

The volley swim shorts, on the other hand, is made from quick-drying polyester, with a mesh lining that’s soft and non-itchy, so you can wear it all day in the beach, whether you’re spiking volleyballs in the sand to build up a sweat, taking dips to cool down, or sitting by a beach bar, drinking one of those weird cocktails with an umbrella. Hey, we heard that’s what you do when you go on vacation. It has a 5-inch inseam and a zipper back pocket with a key loop.

Whether you’re hitting the beach, exploring the boardwalk, or going all out on a full-blown Carribean vacation, comfortable clothes in colorful prints will always make a great outfit to put on. And this combo of camp collar shirt and volley swim trunks in all its balanced geometric colors definitely hits the mark. Plus, doesn’t that color combo just make it look like it’s perfect for wearing under a clear summer sky?

The Vestige Chromatic Stripe Camp Shirt & Swim Shorts available now. The shirt retails for $88 and the shorts for $75.

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