Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll Velomacchi's compact tool roll can fit a good load of repair tools and supplies, all while mounting on the seat and tail fairing of any motorcycle.


Carrying tools in a box is fine if you’re driving a car. On a motorcycle, though, it’s not exactly the most convenient thing to stow away. Velomacchi’s Speedway Tool Roll offers a more bike-friendly alternative.

Designed to pack into a compact tube, the tool roll can be mounted on the seat or tail fairing of any motorcycle, allowing you to have a tool kit within easy reach any time your bike requires emergency repairs on the road.  More importantly, it lets you carry a generous amount of tools, allowing you to be ready for a wide variety of repair tasks.


The Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll has 18 pouches with elastic openings, seven loops, and a single zippered mesh pocket. That should let you haul a good load of tools while taking up minimal footprint, making for quite an efficient way to carry hand tools and supplies. A flap covering the tools doubles as a handy work surface during repairs, with snap buttons on the corners allowing you to equip it as a shallow drop bucket. When fully rolled out, it measures 29 x 10.5 inches (width x height).


A pair of adjustable webbing straps allow you to secure the roll closed, all while doubling as mounting straps for attaching on the bike. Features include reinforced ballistic construction, a quilted front panel, magnets on the tool cover to keep everything shut, aluminum hook closures, a TPU-laminated handle, and YKK zippers.

Available now, the Velomacchi Speedway Tool Roll is priced at $75.

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