Vans Trek Slip-On This summer-ready footwear brings Crocs-level comfort and convenience to the iconic Vans checkered slip-on silhouette.

No matter how many times you tell them how ugly their shoes are, you’ll never convince Crocs users to give up their footwear. They’re just that comfortable. From the convenience of being able to slip in-and-out quickly and the forgiving fit to cleaning quickly with a simple hose-down, it’s the perfect no-fuss footwear. However, some people really hate the way they look. If you like those benefits but will be more comfortable in a 90s skater look, maybe you’ll appreciate the Vans Trek Slip-On.

That’s right, Vans made a pair of slip-ons cut in a material similar to Crocs’ closed-cell resin, so you can enjoy the same comfort and convenience in a style reminiscent of their classic slip-on silhouettes. Whether you’re a Crocs fans looking for something different or a Vans faithful in search of more comfortable footwear, this thing could be the perfect addition to your shoe rack that you never saw coming.

The Vans Trek Slip-On takes the immortal silhouette of the brand’s standard slip-ons and decks them in a single-piece injected construction, creating a shoe that should be stylish enough to pair with casual summer outfits while being very comfortable when used around the water. Yes, Vans is making a point of marketing it as summer shoes for those times you’re going to be lounging at beaches, lakesides, and other summer destinations.  The single-piece construction, by the way, allows it to be highly durable (no joints to detach) while being packable, so you can roll it into a bundle for squeezing in your luggage during a trip if you prefer not boarding the plane wearing slippers.

They didn’t detail exactly what material they’re using for the shoe, but we imagine it’s similar to the soft, lightweight, and non-marking upper that made many people fall in love with Crocs, so it should be just as comfortable. Not to mention, it will be very easy to clean, as you should be able to hose it down and get rid of any stuck dirt immediately.

You know those iconic checker patterns found in Vans’ slip-ons? They recreated that in the Vans Trek Slip-On. Except, some of the checker tiles are actually drainage holes where water can easily pour out when your feet get wet, all while providing air circulation, so your feet won’t stink the way they would in more closely-fitting footwear. Since being worn during summer means you’re likely walking on some areas with water on the ground, the shoes get oversized reverse waffle sole that, the outfit claims, will deliver the necessary traction to help you stay on your feet, regardless of what surface you end up walking on.

If you’ve always wanted to wear Crocs but haven’t quite come to embrace the clog-like aesthetics, we have a feeling Vans’ redesigned slip-on will be more to your liking. After all, it gets the same silhouette as their classic slip-ons, so it should wear just as well with your outfits as their regular shoes. Except… you know… with more comfort onboard.

The Vans Trek Slip-On is available now, priced at $55.

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