Vans Mountain Edition The Vans Mountain Edition offers weatherized alternatives to some of their popular silhouettes, so you can still rock casual kicks even in wet weather.


If your daily routine involves slipping into a pair of casual sneakers, then there’s a good chance the cold weather will force a change to your regular routine. Simply put, strutting around in a pair of Vans in the midst of a cold, wet day just isn’t the greatest way to have a comfortable time. Enter the Vans Mountain Edition.

Consisting of two silhouettes (Sk8-Hi and Old School) with three colorways each, the new collection allows you to style in your favorite casual kicks without having to put up with the hassles of less-than-perfect weather. Whether you’re hanging out at the corner, kicking it in campus, or dropping by a party to hear a DJ spin, having this on ensures you’ll have a beautiful time, whether it stays warm, gets cold, or turns annoyingly wet.


For the Vans Mountain Edition, the Sk8-Hi and the low-top Old School get dressed in warmer wool and leather uppers, respectively, both treated with premium Scotchguard for shedding the inevitable rains you’ll encounter. Each pair comes with warm linings, a heat-retention layer between the sockliner and the outsole, and a substantial vulcanized lug sole to deliver maximum traction, so you don’t end up slipping while running in the middle of the rain without an umbrella and trying to look cool while doing it (yeah, never works). They also get reinforced toecaps to better withstand repeated wear, as well as padded counters for the heel and collar.

The Vans Mountain Edition is available now.