Uvex Variotronic S Cycling Glasses Using a new type of lens, Uvex's latest cycling glasses can change from clear to shaded and vice versa in a split second. Really.


Like anyone who wears glasses, I’m a huge fan of photochromic lenses and their ability to change shades depending on the available light in the environment. Problem is, they tend to transition from one mode to another very slowly, making them functional for everyday use, but not quite ideal for sport cyclists. The Uvex Variotronic S offers a sport-friendlier alternative, with lenses that can go from light to dark and vice versa in a split second.

That’s right, no more waiting for your glasses to adjust to the lighting condition, as these revolutionary glasses are designed to react to the current light intensity instantaneously. It also comes with a button that lets you trigger a change, allowing you to control the light transmission manually for greater versatility.


The Uvex Variotronic S can go from 64 percent light transmission to 16 percent (basically, dark to light) within a split second, allowing riders to quickly adjust to whatever lighting conditions await them during a ride.  That way, it can be fully shaded to protect your eyes while riding under the sun, all while immediately clearing up as soon as you enter a dark tunnel. It achieves this by sandwiching a liquid crystal film between two lenses, whose crystals shift position to block light whenever a low voltage of current is applied. That current, by the way, comes courtesy of a rechargeable battery integrated right into the frame.


Features include 100 percent UV protection, adaptable soft nose pads, adjustable earpieces, cold formable legs, and a bundled headband. It comes in two colors, orange and carbon, with a full-frame version coming for mountain bikers.

Available now, the Uvex Variotronic S is priced at $350.