USWE Raw 3 Hydration Backpack Designed for off-road motorcycling, this pack comes with a 2L bladder and a 1L organizer pouch, along with an ergonomic no-bounce harness system.

Off-road motorcycling is fun, forcing you to handle your bike in ways that you wouldn’t experience when riding through smooth and tarred roads. Suffice to say, your bike will be moving in strange ways and your body along with it. Same goes with the backpack you’re using to hold all your gear and supplies. If you’re going to hit the trails on two wheels, you’ll need a backpack that’s specially designed for that kind of activity. That’s exactly what you get with the USWE Raw 3.

Billed as a high-end hydration backpack for enduro and off-road riding, the bag provides the same elastic harness system as the outfit’s running vests, ensuring a tight fit that will hold its place at all times, all while stretching to keep you comfortable while you navigate rocky, muddy, and other similarly difficult terrains. Whether you’re an old hand at off-road motorcycling, an intermediate rider trying to find better gear, or a novice who wants to get ready for your first off-the-tarmac adventure, this thing lets you ride with a full load of gear while feeling completely unconstrained.

The USWE Raw 3 uses the outfit’s vaunted No Dancing Monkey harness system, which uses elastic straps that expand along the chest during high levels of physical exertion, so you never feel constrained during big moments, while the rest of the harness delivers a constantly tight and secure hold for bounce-free riding, no matter the terrain. It’s not an awfully big bag, having a total volume of just three liters, with two of those devoted to the integrated hydration system, which goes in the pack’s main compartment.

That hydration system, by the way, uses the outfit’s 2.0-liter Elite hydration bladder, which consists of reversible TPU pouch with RF welded seams, plug-and-play drink tube, and a 45-degree bite valve. It comes with two clips, by the way, for securely attaching the drink tube into place, although it doesn’t come with the outfit’s helmet hands-free kit, so you’ll have to buy that separately if you want to conveniently sip while you move around on the trail.

The USWE Raw 3 has a 1-liter room for the rest of your gear, so you won’t exactly be able to shore up a good amount of stuff for your backcountry exploits. It should be enough, however, for a small bundle of essentials, whether it be food, clothing items, or a small stash of survival gear. There’s also a water-resistant pocket sized to hold your phone and a detachable organizer pouch if you want to keep all your stuff in one place for easily taking out of the bag.

It has shoulder straps ergonomically-designed to provide a comfortable distribution of the backpack’s weight over the shoulders, with built-in ventilation to allow airflow towards the area. There are also air vents in the back panel to prevent sweating all across your back, with wave profile pads providing optimal comfort. It comes with reflective points at strategic spots to keep you visible when driving in low-visibility conditions.

The USWE Raw 3 is available in blue, black, and orange, priced at $129.95.

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