USWE Pace 2 Running Vest This running vest is designed to fit tight, while expanding and contracting along with your torso for a bounce-free fit.

Running vests are great, as they let you carry a generous supply of water and other gear to keep you company throughout your training. Problem is, most running vests don’t exactly provide a perfect fit, causing them to bounce at varying degrees while you run through your route. It’s annoying. The USWE Pace 2 vows to eliminate that bouncing completely.

Equipped with a “No Dancing Monkey” system, the vest is able to wear flush into any runner’s body, creating a snug fit that will allow you to do your workout without that annoying bouncing sensation. Whether you’re running through the city streets, going hard on an off-road trail, or doing bodyweight exercises at the park, this thing lets you do it all with a bounce-free vest that will keep your gear within easy reach at all times.

The USWE Pace 2 is equipped with a unique central clasp that allows the vest to fit snugly across your torso, while elastic side panels expand and contract as you breathe in and out heavily, so you eliminate the bouncing sensation without feeling constrained under the garment. The outfit calls it a tight yet compliant fit that supports your runs from start to finish. It’s made with a mesh material in the back and parts of the front panel, ensuring excellent ventilation at all times, while a minimalist design keeps materials down to a minimum for an ultra-light weight of 6.8 ounces.

The garment gets the Polygiene chemical treatment that, the outfit claims, will keep the vest permanently odor-free, so you can sweat as much you want on this thing without worrying about stinking up the joint the next day. We don’t know if you need to wash it, but with the treatment, we’re guessing that will only be necessary if you cover it in soil, dust, or mud.

The USWE Pace 2 comes with a pair of front pockets tilted at a 45 degree angle, along with two 500ml flasks sized to fit snugly into each one, so you can carry a liter of hydration right on your vest. The flasks come with their own short hoses and bite valves, too, so you can sip water without having to use your hands. There’s also two quick stash front pockets with flaps and pull tabs in front of the bottle pockets for any gear you want to carry, two shoulder pockets sized to hold energy bars, and two zippered pockets in the back for carrying a towel, a change of shirt, or whatever else. Basically, this lets you run with a decent amount of gear and supplies in tow (two liters’ worth of storage, in fact).

According to the outfit, they designed the vest for trail running, so they threw in a pole attachment out front to make it more useful for the backcountry. However, we don’t see why you can’t use this for city running, especially since it has reflective points in there for nighttime visibility. It comes in three sizes, by the way, so make sure you get the right one to actually get that tight and bounce-free fit.

The USWE Pace 2 is available now, priced at $139.95.

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