Underhanded Super Gloves With a nice selection of patterns and prints, these winter gloves will give your cold weather outfits a much-needed flair.


Winter gloves tend to be boring. That’s fine. You wear them to keep your hands from freezing in the cold, not to help tie an outfit together. While Underhanded’s Super gloves won’t lend your hands any special powers, their colorful prints should help add some much needed flair to erstwhile drab and utilitarian winter outfits.

Unlike traditional winter gloves, these mitts come with bold graphics emblazoned across it, allowing you to inject your attire with a nice dose of colors and patterns. They offer the gloves in a nice selection of designs, too, from linear patterns and geometric shapes to photographic prints and pop art style camo. Simply put, it’s varied enough you’re likely to find something that you like.


The Underhanded Super is made from a four-way stretch fleece that should wear comfortably in hand while helping trap your body heat in. While most winter gloves come with capacitive tips for free use of your phone, this one goes one further, rendering the full palm in a capacitive material, so you can perform multi-finger gestures without any problem. An articulated construction enables a more relaxed fit with easier movements, while silicone dots all over the palm provide an exceptional grip even when grabbing onto wet, slippery objects. It come with a reflective full tab.


Available now, the Underhanded Super is priced at $39.99.

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