Under Armour RUSH Seamless Men’s Leggings UA's newest men's leggings takes the energy you expend and reflects it back to your tissues, increasing blood flow to make you perform better.

Wearing leggings is great for working out. Sure, a lot of people will probably mind seeing your uncomfortably bulging crotch, but you can always wear a pair of shorts on top to avoid making things weird when you’re around some people. With a good pair on, you can keep your lower body warm and toasty, while keeping it flexible and unconstrained at the same time. When your leggings are as technical as Under Armour’s new RUSH Seamless Men’s Leggings, the whole thing gets even better.

To the unfamiliar, the outfit introduced their RUSH collection last year, which was notable for its use of mineral-infused performance fabric that efficiently reflects the energy you create back towards your body. It was highly lauded, with its combo of stylish looks and technical performance, making it a popular garment for use in the gym. Well, RUSH Seamless is the updated version of that, incorporating the same heating capabilities with far fewer seams, creating garments that leveled it up in the comfort department.

The Under Armour RUSH Seamless Men’s Leggings boasts an ultra-tight compression fit that enables a locked-in, second-skin feel that will allow you to focus on your movements, instead of what you’re wearing. Even better, it will keep you toastier than ever, with its mineral-infused fabric absorbing the energy you emit and reflecting it back to your body, allowing you to run, lift weights, or ride your bike on a chilly morning, without your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves feeling the biting cold. With all that extra heat going into your muscles and tissues, your blood flow increases, which should improve your energy output, strength, and overall endurance.

How much better can it actually make your workouts? We don’t know. The difference may be nominal or it could be significant. Whichever the case, the darn thing looks good and it will keep you warmer than comparable garments, which, in all honesty, is reason enough to pick it up in our book. Plus, having leggings under your shorts somehow makes you look like a real athlete (or a more serious fitness enthusiast, at the least).

The Under Armour RUSH Seamless Leggings’ mineral-infused material is a soft-knit mix of nylon, polyester and elastane that’s been engineered with mesh ventilation right in the exact places where you will need air to circulate, as well as four-way stretch construction, so you can move freely in every direction.  Like any proper technical garment, it’s sweat-wicking and fast-drying, so you can sweat as much as you want without drenching your leg in a veritable waterfall of perspiration. It only comes in one color – black with some gray detailing.

Aside from the leggings, the UA RUSH Seamless line also includes compression shirts, with even more garments likely coming down the line. All pieces boast the same mineral-infused, stretch-heavy, and well-ventilated fabrics, ensuring your whole body, from your arms and chest to shoulders and legs, will be comfortably toasty while being free and unconstrained.

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