Uncharted Supply The Basecamp Four-Person Survival Kit This survival kit puts together emergency provisions for up to four people inside Yeti's waterproof and indestructible gear box.

It never hurts to have a bug-out bag with survival supplies that you can grab from the closet and throw on your back any time a real emergency comes up. You never know when aliens will invade, Godzilla will rise from the ocean, or some other catastrophic event will take place, after all. Problem is, how will you grab that bug-out bag at home when the emergency happens while you’re on the road? Maybe, you should have a survival kit in the trunk, as well. If you want a kit that can keep you and all your passengers in the car safe, you might want to check out Uncharted Supply’s The Basecamp.

Designed to provide emergency provisions for up to four people, it gives you and a small group everything you need to survive the early stages of an emergency event, so you can avoid the early panic and give yourselves a better chance of getting to safety. At the size, it’s the perfect kit to keep in the trunk of a car or inside your RV, with enough provisions to keep a small family safe from immediate danger.

Since you never know what kind of emergencies you’ll actually encounter, Uncharted Supply’s The Basecamp tries to account for the most common ones. As such, it includes four units each of an air filtration mask to ensure you can breathe air safely, safety goggles to protect your eyes, and a chem light to give you visibility even in dark conditions. In case you want to save the chem lights for later, it also includes a waterproof flashlight, along with a set of batteries, so you can illuminate the way using LEDs instead. There’s also a variety of first aid items, from bandages and basic medicine to anti-bacterial wipes and basic medical tools, so you can apply first aid as needed.

Of course, you’ll need to quench your thirst and quell your hunger at some point. That’s why there’s four set of emergency food rations, each one containing 12 200-calorie energy bars, as well as a 48-ounce steel water bottle and water pouches (you have it to fill it with water beforehand, by the way, to get the survival kit ready). It also includes a water filtration kit, in case you ever run out of your potable supply and need to get your water supply from uncertain sources.

Uncharted Supply’s The Basecamp includes stuff to keep you warm in case of inclement weather. As such, it includes four sets each of hand warmers, beanies, gloves, and emergency blankets, along with a pair of tents that can fit two people each, so you can set up temporary shelters if you need to stay away from home. There are also tools, of course, including an Empire knife, a shovel and pickaxe combo, a magnesium alloy fire starter, stormproof matches, five yards of flat pack duct tape, 100 feet of paracord, and a hand-cranked tri-band radio with integrated flashlight and USB charger, so you can use it to charge your smartphone.

All of those provisions are housed inside a Yeti Loadout GoBox. To the unfamiliar, that’s Yeti’s version of a fully waterproof and indestructible gear box, so your survival stash is duly protected while it patiently waits its turn.

Uncharted Supply’s The Basecamp is available now, priced at $699.99.

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