Unbox Therapy x Pacsafe Anti-Theft Briefcase A collaboration with the YouTube channel, Pacsafe's newest theft-proof bag is tailored for carrying gadgets and consumer electronics.

We’re big fans of Pacsafe and their theft-proof bags, which goes the extra mile to keep all the gear you carry safe. If you want one of those bags specifically for stashing your gadgets, you’ll definitely want to check out the Unbox Therapy x Pacsafe Anti-Theft Briefcase.

Co-designed with Lewis Hilsenteger from the YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, the briefcase is equipped as a customized gadget bag, making it ideal for carrying the kind of consumer electronics frequently featured on the channel’s videos. Whether you need a bag to carry a drone, camera gear, or gaming peripherals for a LAN tournament, this thing should make for a suitable choice, with the extra benefit of theft-proofing your stash.

The Unbox Therapy x Pacsafe Anti-Theft Briefcase takes on the classic briefcase form factor, with a pair of carry handles on top and a removable shoulder strap with its own stash pocket. Equipped with a 19-liter volume, the bag should let you carry a full day’s worth of gear, whether you’re spending the day working on your multimedia projects on the road or capturing footage of the family farm on your favorite drone. It has a wide zippered opening to let you access all your gear without any difficulty, as well as an integrated padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop and a padded sleeve for a 10-inch tablet.  Multiple pockets inside the main compartment allow for easy organization of small gadgets, spare parts, and accessories, ensuring it can be used for a variety of gadget-focused activities.

Like any Pacsafe bag, it’s brimming with anti-theft elements designed to keep your gear safe wherever you bring it. While the exterior fabric of the bag can actually be cut and ripped (it’s made from Polina, which can self-heal minor punctures), all that will do is expose the stainless steel mesh beneath it, which will prevent any further penetration, making it nearly impossible to get any of your gear without using specialized cutting equipment.

The Unbox Therapy x Pacsafe Anti-Theft Briefcase has the outfit’s signature cut-resistant anchor strap that you can use to secure the bag around any fixed object (just make sure to add a padlock), along with lockable zippers on both the main compartment and the exterior pouch that are puncture-resistant, making it difficult to access the contents by messing with the zippers. That outside pocket is RFID-blocking, by the way, so you can put any item in there that you wish to protect from hackers. While we do wish they used a more tear-resistant fabric for the exterior (sure, people won’t be able to breach the bag, but a large tear on the shell makes it, pretty much, annoying to use), we do appreciate the reinforced protection this bag delivers.

The carry handles, by the way, come with leather grips to make it feel like you’re carrying a more formal briefcase, while a luggage slip on one side allows it to secure on the handle of your rolling luggage during travel. Dimensions are 12. 2 x 15. 8 x 5. 1 inches (height x width x depth).

The Unbox Therapy x Pacsafe Anti-Theft Briefcase is available now.

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