UGG Boysen TL Boots These shoes reinforce the classic hiking boot with a weatherized construction that allows it to keep your feet toasty even in sub-zero weather conditions.


A good pair of weatherized boots is a requirement for slogging it through in the winter, whether you’re simply walking across the local park or lumbering through a mountain trail. If your winter activities involve more of the former and less of the latter, then you probably don’t want a boot that looks like military-issue technical footwear. Chances are, something like the UGG Boysen TL will be more suited to your style.

Fashioned after the quintessential hiking boot, it updates the classic design with all the cold-weather features you’ll need to wear it comfortably around town. That way, your feet get all the rain and snow protection you need, all while you frolic about in a familiar silhouette that’s likely to go well with most outfits in your wardrobe.


The UGG Boysen TL has a weatherproof leather upper to keep any water from entering, with luxe wool lining keeping things toasty, a five-inch shaft height covering as much of your ankles as possible, and sealed seams preventing that chilly air from getting through. All of those combine to give the boots a cold-weather rating of -20 degrees Celsius, allowing them to keep you comfy, whether you’re shoveling snow in the driveway, walking to the neighborhood grocery, or motorcycling through slush. Attached to the weatherized upper is UGG’s traction-enhancing Treadlite outsole to give you better grip during walks, with Vildona and foam on the insole.


Available now, the UGG Boysen TL is priced at $200.