UCO SweetFire Fire Starter Each stick in this box of matches can burn a flame for up to seven minutes, ensuring you can light up even the most stubborn tinder.


Just like a box of matches, you can take a stick off a box of the UCO SweetFire and strike it on a surface to light a fire. Unlike regular matches, it can stay burning many times longer, all while leaving a lot less environmental footprints.

Billed as a “cleaner option” for lighting fires, the fire starter is made from a sugarcane byproduct called bagasse, so it already uses up erstwhile discards, which is mixed with a vegetable-based wax. Even better, it produces few greenhouse gas emissions during burning than plants can absorb while growing (as such, it’s emission-neutral), ensuring it doesn’t add to the growing problems plaguing the environment.


While regular matches can burn for a few seconds, the UCO Sweetfire can hold its flame for a whopping seven minutes. That should be enough time to light up even the most stubborn tinder, ensuring you won’t end up wasting multiple sticks before finally getting a decent fire started. Each “matchstick” comes in a pyramid shape, with a match head that immediately lights up when struck on the designated strip on the matchbox.

Twenty of the pyramid sticks come in each box, which should last you a long while considering you only need to light one up each time. Do note, it isn’t stormproof, so while this should be great for summer hikes and other fair-weathered adventures, you’ll still need to rely on other fire starting gear during inclement conditions.

The UCO SweetFire is priced at $5.99 per box.