Twelve South Time Porter Love your Apple Watch, travel a lot? Then you'll love this travel case, which organizes your Apple Watch accessories, while doubling as a charging stand.


People can judge you all they want – you love your Apple Watch and you wear it everywhere.  Even during trips. If that’s the case, then you’ll probably appreciate Twelve South’s Time Porter, a travel case designed to complement your Apple smartwatch.

No, it’s not a carrying case for the Apple Watch. You’re supposed to wear the watch on your wrist, after all. Instead, this case is designed to hold the wearable’s accessories, so you can keep them in a single place instead of having them spread around random pockets of your favorite travel bag.


The Twelve South Time Porter is a pill-shaped case, similar to those traditional hard cases for sunglasses.  It has enough space inside to hold the wall charger, USB cable (it has a facility for spooling the six-foot cable for tangle-free storage), and an extra band, among any other small items, along with a compartment under the lid sized to hold the magnetic charging disc.  With the charging disc installed, you can replenish your Apple Watch by simply wrapping it around the lid – just tuck in the end of the band under the base to keep things tidy.


Oh yeah, when wrapped around the lid, the case can also serve as a handy stand, so you can keep this by the side table to have the watch serve as a bedside alarm clock.  Just open the lid to your preferred viewing angle and you’re set. It comes in two colors: white and black.

Slated to ship in May, the Twelve South Time Porter is priced at $50.