Twelve-South HoverBar Duo Twelve-South's universal phone and tablet mount can hold your device in a variety of positions and angles to support any task you're doing.

A multi-angle stand is one of the most versatile accessories you can get for your phone or tablet. Not only does it give you an easy to way to use your mobile device hands-free, it also lets you mount it at the most comfortable angle, so you can use it regardless of whatever task you’re doing. If you want your stand to be as good-looking as it is versatile, you’ll definitely want to check out the Twelve-South Hoverbar Duo.

Want to mount your iPad in landscape mode at the same eye level as your monitor while at work? This can do that. Need to elevate your iPhone well above the coffee table, so you can make hands-free Zoom calls from the living room couch? This should handle that, too. Need to stand your tablet at a slightly tilted angle that’s ideal for doing sketches and illustrations on your favorite drawing app? Yes, this should work for that, too. Basically, it lets you mount your mobile devices in all sorts of ways that’s just not easy to do with most docks and stands out there.

The Twelve-South HoverBar Duo has a clamp that can secure onto any device measuring between 5 and 8.7 inches. That means, this should work with every iPhone and iPad ever made (even with a thick case on), along with majority of all other phones and tablets in the market. Heck, you can probably use it to hold e-book readers and other devices, too, in case you ever find the need to hold them at an elevated angle. That clamp is attached to an arm that extends to 15 inches when fully straightened, while a hinged joint near the middle allows you to easily adjust it to a variety of positions.

The arm, by the way, is mounted on a rectangular base that’s designed for stable use on flat surfaces, so you can easily use it on your desk at work, the countertop in the kitchen, and the coffee table in the living room. That stand is weighted, too, so it won’t be easily knocked off even if it’s holding one of those lighter compact smartphones, while a wide surface allows you to use it as a makeshift desk organizer when necessary (just set down all your pens and Post-It stacks in there). Need to mount a tablet another way? Well, the accessory also comes with a shelf clamp that you can use to mount on the sides of a desk or the edges of a shelf. Simply detach the arm from the stand, attach it to the shelf clamp, and you’re ready to clamp it onto any object between 0.4 and 1.4 inches in thickness.

The Twelve-South HoverBar Duo, by the way, is designed with Apple products in mind, so it’s possible the clamp may block ports or buttons if you decide to use it with smartphones and tablets for other manufacturers. From what we can tell, though, the design looks universal enough that it should work with most products out there without much problems.

The Twelve-South HoverBar Duo is available now.

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