Twelve South Fermata Headphone Charging Stand With the MacBook's lack of USB ports, you'll need a new way to charge those wireless headphones. Twelve South's headphone stand does the trick.


No, the utter lack of ports isn’t enough to discourage you from buying a MacBook. You just need to find other ways of getting yourself those charging ports. That’s why Twelve South’s newest headphone stand, the Fermata, includes a charging facility that keeps your wireless headphones juiced all by its lonesome. That’s right, we’re about to see a whole lot more accessories come with integrated ports to make up for the now-missing ones on your laptop.

An erstwhile ordinary-looking stand, it comes with a saddle on top for holding your headphones by the headband, along with a wide base to keep it stable on the desk surface. Except, you know, it comes with an integrated charging cable that you can stick into your headphone’s microUSB slot to keep it powered while it’s not in use.


The Twelve South Fermata has a two-meter cable for plugging into a wall outlet, with pathways under the base for winding the cables neat and tidy. It come with a reversible microUSB connector, so you can stick it into the charging slot on the headphones while looking at something else on your monitor. Features include aluminum construction, a contoured leather pad on top of the saddle, and a saddle height just shy of 10 inches.


Available in black and gray, the Twelve South Fermata Headphone Charging Stand is priced at $79.99.

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