Turnbull & Asser Informalist Shirt with Detachable Collar Two sets of detachable collars that you can swap in and out allows you to wear this luxurious dress shirt in three different ways.


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen shirts with detachable collars. Simply put, they went out of style for some reason a long, long time ago. Leave it to long-running gentleman’s clothier Turnbull & Asser to bring it back into circulation in the form of their Informalist Shirt with Detachable Collar.

Detachable collars are great because it gives you two looks – one with the collar and another one without. This thing adds a third look by adding an extra collar into the mix (you get one classic T&A collar and another in their Gordon collar style), giving you a trio of ways to wear the exact same shirt in your closet. That way, when someone teases you about wearing the exact same shirt three days in a row to work, you can pretend it’s different – just make sure to take pics of the past two days in case your co-workers require proof and you’re set.


Turnbull & Asser’s Informalist Shirt with Detachable Collar is made from cotton in the outfit’s turnbuline weave, so it should exhibit the same quality as the rest of the shirtmaker’s premium garments. Thermally-fused mother-of-pearl buttons ensure your shirt’s closures never come off with wear, while three button cuffs and two branded collar stays round out the garment’s dressy aesthetics. Each one is handmade in the company’s Gloucester factory.

Available now, the Turnbull & Asser Informalist Shirt With Detachable Collar is priced at £225.

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