Tumi Tahoe Dale Backpack Styled for the city but built for the outdoors, Tumi's newest backpack will serve you well in both everyday use and weekend adventures.


Tumi just announced the Tahoe, a new line of outdoor-inspired bags that marry durability and toughness with clean and stylish architectural lines. And we love it. We’re particularly stoked for the Tumi Tahoe Dale, a backpack that pairs a refined urban aesthetic with utilitarian outdoor credentials.

Like any backpack, it comes with two shoulder straps for hoisting over your back, along with a sternum strap for increased stability when hiking, climbing, or exploring a single trail on a bike. Unlike most backpacks, it comes with dual handles at the front, allowing you to carry it like a gym bag for those times you want to spare your back from the heat and sweat of having a heavy pack pressed to it for extended lengths of time.


The Tumi Tahoe Dale has a main compartment that opens through a zipper that goes all the way across the front, essentially opening like a gym bag for convenient access to your gear. A large rear compartment allows you to hold items you might need to reach for while still wearing the pack, with a pass-through zipper access allowing you to get into both interior compartments from either opening. Do note, there’s no laptop pocket, although the interior does have an iPad pocket, two zippered pockets, and one open pocket.


Features include a seam-sealed finish for better water-repellency, four compression straps out front for holding extra gear, compression speed clip closures at the top and bottom, and a top carry handle. It measures 18.5 x 12.75 x 7 inches (h x w x d).

Available now, the Tumi Tahoe Dale is priced at $375.