Trusco Deluxe Cantilever Toolbox Classics never die. That's definitely true for Trusco's 1947 original, which has remained utterly indispensable many decades since.


Many things come in all shapes, sizes, and designs now, leaving you with unlimited options for your choice of gear. Sometimes, however, an old design remains the reference for a reason – it’s just that difficult to improve on. Such can be said for the Trusco Deluxe Cantilever Toolbox, which MOMA is choosing to honor with a spot in their online shop.

Chances are, you’ve seen some variation of this classic Japanese toolbox before. Heck, you’ve probably even used one, whether as a compartment for your hand tools, fishing supplies, or first aid kit.  Either way, you know how handy the darn thing can be, making it a trustworthy option for many small item transport needs.


Originally designed by Keiyu Hisashi back in 1947, the Trusco Deluxe Cantilever Toolbox is made using the same stamped-steel body as its most popular iterations, ensuring robust and durable function even in the most rugged activities. It also retains the same single-motion opening that reveals the dual levels of storage. This particular model measures 14 x 11.5 x 8.75 inches (w x h x d), leaving plenty of room inside to fit your hand tools, as well as housing multiple cubbies with removable dividers on the second layer for accommodating fasteners and smaller items. MOMA’s Deluxe version comes in a bold blue enamel finish.


Want one? The Trusco Deluxe Cantilever Toolbox is priced at $110.