Trove Wallet People try to reinvent the wallet all the time. Sometimes, they succeed. Sometimes, they fail. With this one, they definitely pulled off something special.


I prefer my wallet in the classic checkbook-style, with lots of room, lots of pouches, and filled with as much stuff as I can cram inside. If you’re not quite enthused with current styles and feel like you want something different, you might want to check out the Trove Wallet, a genuinely novel design that’s quite unlike anything we’ve really seen before.

Trove is, basically, an elastic band with a strip of leather on one of the openings to partially close it off. You can insert your credit cards from the open side and have the leather strip catch them so they don’t fall. Simple, right? Except, that’s not the only way to use it.


The front of the Trove Wallet comes with a thick bonded leather sporting the logo, while both the back and the two inner sides come with a thin but wide leather lining. Those linings are designed to function as pockets, so you can secure your cash and cards inside the wallet (they won’t fall off even if you turn the wallet over), while the outside lining can be used to hold earphones, charging cables, and other small gear. And just in case you’re wondering how to insert your cash and cards to the inside lining, the whole wallet is reversible, so you just have to turn it inside out to get access to the contents (and even use it in reverse if you feel like you need a change).


Suffice to say, the Trove Wallet is way different. It comes in a variety of colorways (a design-your-own colorway is available as an option), with prices starting at £30.