Trim Denim Shirts Designed for lean, athletic frames, these shirts offer a non-baggy alternative to slim fit shirts, providing a clean fit without the discomfort.


I’ve always thought denim never made for a stylish shirt. Turns out, I just haven’t been looking in the right places because these Trim Denim Shirts are totally killing it.

Designed for lean, athletic frames, the shirts are designed to offer a non-baggy alternative to slim fit shirts, which frequently pull and bunch through the shoulder and chest areas. Instead, the shirts provide plenty of breathing room in the shoulders and the chest, all while tapering down through the waist to provide a clean fit.


Trim currently has three styles in its Denim Shirt line: The Nashville, The Silver Lake, and The Soho. Named after the cities that inspired them, each style includes elements that harken notable characteristics of the place. The Nashville, for instance, is totally the kind of look a country singer wouldn’t mind putting on when stepping onstage for a show, sporting a classic blue denim with strategically-laced distressing and Western-style pockets. The Silver Lake, on the other hand, is unabashedly West Coast, bringing a cool and casual style with its dotted woven denim, contrast stitching, and silver buttons. As you can imagine, The Soho embraces a more fashionable bent, coming in a French Terry style, with a deep blue denim hue that looks more “night out” than “casual day at the park.”


Each of the three fabrics used deliver a good dose of stretch, providing unrestricted movement throughout the course of the day. The shirts are hand sewn in Los Angeles and come backed with a five-year (seriously, half a decade) exchange policy.

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Trim Denim Shirts are available now.