Tracksmith Run Commute Jacket Designed for those times you commute to work by running, this running jacket looks good enough to wear all day and night.

Some of us now work at home, poring over our laptops between meals while trying to minimize the distraction caused by having your entire family inside the house at all times of the day. Yeah, you make it work. Others, however, have resumed their daily work commute, albeit trading in public transport options for their personal cars, bicycles, and whatever other vehicle gets you from one point to another. The Tracksmith Run Commute Jacket is designed for those who prefer to commute on foot, bridging the gap from home to the workplace by pounding the pavement on their favorite running footwear.

Billed as “a running jacket with a cosmopolitan cachet,” the garment is designed to look equally good while you make your way through the city streets in sportswear as it does when you’ve made a proper change of clothes at work. That’s right, you can wear this running jacket for the rest of the day without looking like a mafia wise guy the way a regular tracksuit would. Seriously, this thing looks proper and refined.

The Tracksmith Run Commute Jacket is made from a custom-developed, stretch-woven fabric blend that combines 48 percent merino wool, 32 percent nylon, 14 percent polyester, and 8 percent spandex. That means, this gets all the technical qualities that’s made merino wool such a popular material, including breathability, thermoregulation and odor-resistance, all while getting water resistance, shrinkage prevention, and four-way stretch qualities from the rest of the blend. It also gets a stretch mesh layer (polyester and elastane) in the back to allow air to circulate inside the jacket (it has vents on the upper back), so you don’t build up too much sweat as you run your way to the office.

Need to carry some gear on you run? It’s got two large zippered hand pockets to accommodate bigger stuff, as well as a discreet zippered pocket on the sash that’s sized just right to take phones, wallets, and keys. We know, you can’t exactly use it to carry some stuff you might need for work, but the jacket should look nice with your favorite running pack or vest.

The Tracksmith Run Commute Jacket owes much if its refined aesthetic to the close fit, which offers a stark contrast to the loose, comfortable shape of traditional tracksuit jackets, along with clean lines on both front and back. It gets Tracksmith’s signature sash that’s pieced into the body, while a reflective element is added to the back of the collar. Other elements include elastic cuffs with a reflective thread woven into the binding for 360-degree reflectivity, a bungee cord hem to cinch the waistline shut, and two color options (navy and walnut).

The jacket, by the way, is part of a small new line called The Run Commute Collection, aimed at individuals who choose to go on foot for their commutes in this unique time we find ourselves in. Joining the jacket is a pair of running pants and a pair of running shorts, both of which should look plenty nice when paired with the upper garment.

Want one? The Tracksmith Run Commute Jacket is available now, priced at $198.

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