TorchONE Bike Helmet This LED-equipped bike helmet comes with removable LEDs, so it can look like a regular helmet when riding during daylight.

Chances are, you’ve seen those bike helmets with integrated LEDs that make it easy to stay visible during nighttime rides. As useful as they are when you’re on the road at night, you have to admit, a helmet with large LED panels just looks kind of weird when you’re riding in daylight. The TorchONE Bike Helmet brings the same nighttime visibility without the strange daytime aesthetic.

Like other LED-equipped bike helmets, it comes with LED panels front and back that will allow you to stay visible when you’re riding your bicycle at night. Unlike them, the LED panels are removable, so you can take them out completely when riding in daylight, making it look like just like any regular bicycle helmet.

The TorchONE is, basically, similar to the outfit’s other LED-equipped bike helmets, with one large lighting panel out front and one in the rear. In this case, though, both lighting panels aren’t mounted flush to the surface of the helmet. Instead, they are slightly raised, which, we’re guessing, makes it easy to pry them out for removal. When the LED panels are removed, by the way, they expose additional vents on the helmet, which should make it even better to use under the sweltering heat of the daytime sun. Of course, removing those same panels will also make the helmet lighter, as it shaves off around 4.2 ounces from the overall weight, so they should be even more comfortable to ride.

The front light on the helmet, by the way, is white, while the rear one is red, so it’s right in line with what motorists typically expect on the road.  A single button on each panel allows you to turn them on individually, as well as switch between the four output modes, namely steady high, steady low, flashing slow, and flashing fast. According to the outfit, having both panels turned on will facilitate 360-degree visibility (they curve around the helmet’s aerodynamic shape)a, so motorists should be able to see you, regardless of whatever direction they’re coming from.

Do note, unlike some LED-equipped bike helmets out there, the TorchONE’s LED panels aren’t able to serve as turn indicators or brake lights, so there are no advanced functions on these beyond providing illumination in the dark. According to the outfit, it’s a design choice, since they wanted a helmet that kept things simple, as illumination is what most people really need when riding at night. Serving as turn indicators and brake lights will also break the 360-degree visibility, which sort of ruins the light’s primary purpose.

Each of the LED panels come with their own rechargeable battery, although there’s no word on how long they can run between charges. Hopefully, they last a good six hours or so at the highest settings, so you can, at least, get them running for an extended period of time.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the TorchONE. You can reserve a unit in either black, gray, yellow, or white for pledges starting at £79.

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