Tombogo Convertible Double Knee Pants These work pants come with detachable and reversible front panels sporting four pockets each on one side and a protective surface on the other.

Some work pants look and function just like regular pants, albeit with a stronger build that allows them to perform more durably in the field. While that works fine for some people, others require their work pants to bring a bit more utility to the mix. The Tombogo Convertible Double Knee Pants do just that.

No, these are not the kind of trousers you’ll wear when you’re going out to dinner to meet a girl for the first time. It won’t look anywhere near the vicinity of good in that situation. If you want a pair of work pants that can offer extra leg protection and added gear-carrying capacity, this just might be the perfect addition to your workwear ensemble.

The Tombogo Convertible Double Knee Pants is a pair of trousers that prioritizes utility over style. As such, it sports a loose fit that probably won’t be flattering for anyone, but should allow maximum mobility, allowing you to move around freely, regardless of whatever tasked you’re engaged in. It’s got an elastic waist for easily taking on and off, along with belt loops, in case you want to secure it more tightly, so the darn thing doesn’t slip down when you’re carrying hammers, power tools, and other heavy stuff on its generously-sized pockets.

According to the outfit, it’s inspired by Carhartt’s iconic double-knee carpenter pants. You know, those classic work pants that has giant cargo pockets in front. Instead of one giant pocket on each leg, though, they offer four additional pockets on each leg, which should make it easier to organize whatever gear you need to bring along. Even better, the entire front panel is actual detachable, so you can take it off and lay the pockets on a table for easier access when you’re working.

The Tombogo Convertible Double Knee Pants’ detachable panels are also reversible. While it sports large pockets on one side, it features double-knee panels on the other, so you can wear it the other way if you only want the panels for protective reinforcement. With the panels attached with the pockets exposed, it gives you a total of 14 pockets, offering folks an excellent way to organize any gear they need to carry without the need to have a bag in tow. It’s made with 100 percent cotton canvas.

The pants, by the way, are part of the outfit’s new Freelance collection, which is the brand’s response to the large changes that shaped our collective lives this year. You know how people are coping with the unexpected situations we found ourselves in by getting creative, finding unique solutions, and pushing forward by sheer force of will? Well, the pieces in the collection are meant to support those endeavors, which is why there’s a big focus on workwear. Aside from the pants, the collection also includes a convertible work shirt (it has zippered sleeves that you can remove), a kimono cardigan (an autumn layering piece that looks like a super-comfy shirt-length kimono), jumpers, tees, hats, and more.

The Tombogo Convertible Double Knee Pants is available now, priced at $250.

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