Todd Shelton Flat Selvedge Pants Designed to fill the void between jeans and chino, this pair of pants introduces an entirely new dimension to your casual wardrobe.


Do men need more casual pants? We don’t know. If you want something to add to your collection of jeans and chinos, though, Todd Shelton has a new pair they’re calling Flat Selvedge.

Billed as a garment that “fills the void between jean and khaki,” it’s softer than denim but not quite as soft as your favorite pair of chinos. So it’s, like, chinos in jeans form. Or a less-rugged pair of jeans. Either way, it straddles the line between the two, opening up new avenues for your everyday casual attires.


The Todd Shelton Flat Selvedge is made from 12-oz Japanese selvedge twill, which makes it look somewhat like a pair of jeans but, somehow, not quite. It comes in three fits (lean, basic, and relaxed), each one sporting tapered legs because it’s 2015 and nobody wears their pants like the 90s anymore. Other than the material, it’s, pretty much, cut like the selvedge jeans you already have, with a zip fly, storage for cellphone and keys (also known as pockets), and self-finished twill edges that keep it from fraying.

The real question, of course, is why the heck is it called “flat”? We’re not entirely sure, but if I had to guess, it’s because the pants look more flat when laid out like chinos, but the fabric actually looks like jeans, so when you tell someone “Go get that Flat Selvedge in my closet,” there’s a good chance they’ll retrieve the right thing without knowing what the heck a Flat Selvedge is. Or maybe not.

Available in navy and black, the Todd Shelton Flat Selvedge is priced at $200.