Timex Camper MK1 30th Anniversary Edition A limited-edition release, this civilian version of the military-issue timepiece should hold up just as well in daily battles as it did in actual warfare.


While Timex has never been considered a prestigious name in watchmaking, the outfit has continued to put out durable, reliable, and affordable timepieces for many, many years. And they occasionally put one out that looks so good you won’t mind wearing it as an everyday piece. The Timex Camper MK1 30th Anniversary Edition definitely counts in that category.

Originally issued to the US Army back in 1982, it’s a true disposable watch – one that was durable enough to withstand battle but cheap enough to chuck away when it does succumb to the rigors of the field. While most of those original watches are probably gone by now, the outfit has seen it fit to give the style a brief revival in this limited-edition remastered version.


The Timex Camper MK1 30th Anniversary Edition comes in the same low-profile military green case and 20mm olive nylon strap combo that, we imagine, the original army-issue watches came in. It retains the same easy-to-read Camper dial with 24-hour markings, too, along with a chronograph that can measure up to 1/20th of a second. Since you’re a civilian who don’t really need that to accessorize in a low-profile way, it comes with a second striped nylon strap for a slightly more lively look. Features include a 40mm case, 50 meters of water resistance, and INDIGLO Night Light for low-light visibility.


Available now, the Timex Camper MK1 30th Anniversary Edition is priced at $99.