Tidy Up Your Desk With These Headphone Stands When it comes to organizing your desk, the headphone stand is often overlooked. It shouldn't. Use one of these awesome stands to fix that.

When tidying up a desk, most people turn to small boxes, trays, and similar storage equipment. As versatile as those can be for organizing a cluttered desk, there’s usually one thing they won’t be able to handle: those large over-the-ear headphones you use to listen to music while typing away on a computer.  Unless you have a large drawer under your desk, chances are, you don’t really have a place to stash them away.

It doesn’t matter whether you use wired or wireless headphones – those large cans, connected by long headbands, will take up a good load of space on your desk. That’s what makes headphone stands a great addition to most workspaces, as they keep your headphones from adding to the clutter, all while still staying within arm’s reach the entire time.

If you’re shopping for one, here are a few headphone stands worth considering.

Amovee Headphone Stand


The original version of this stand looked the same, but had a smaller size and less-substantial build that caused it to tip over when docking larger and heavier headphones. This updated version is a lot wider and thicker, allowing it to properly support most consumer-grade headphones you’re likely to find in the market, from compact travel models and everyday cans to audiophile headphones for the AV nerds who won’t settle for anything less, all while staying very affordable at well under 15 bucks.

We particularly love the design of this stand, with its curvy shape making it look like a decorative object when not in use, all while taking up minimal desk footprint to allow for more versatile desk organization. It measures 9.8 x 4.7 x 3 inches (height x width x depth), so it’s large enough to fit any headphones without taking up an excessive amount of room, while an acrylic build makes it durable without being too heavy. And yes, it has sponge pads for the feet, so it won’t leave scratches on your desk surface.

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Avantree Universal Headphone Hanger


Avantree’s metal-and-silicone headphone stand combines an angled arm with a round base tray that puts the headphones directly on top of the tray, so those that use wired headphones can spool their 3.5mm cable right on the recessed section. Instead of using a hook to hang the headphones on, it comes with a wide silicone-covered dock, which we find a lot more attractive than the hooks you’ll find on most stands, which need to use a hook because their arms extend straight up at a 90-degree angle.

Basically, this is one of the most elegant headphone stands we’ve seen and will likely make the best option for those who use wired headphones. And yes, it brings all that while keeping the price very affordable. Do note, it

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Avantree Universal 12-Inch Headphone Hanger


Most headphone stands measure under 10 inches in height, which is tall enough to accommodate, pretty much, any consumer headphones on the market. In case you use reference-grade audio monitors or some other excessively large headphones, though, those stands might not prove tall enough to fit them comfortably. This 12-inch tall stand from Avantree will probably be your best bet, as it adds over two inches of height to accommodate even the most unruly-sized headphones in the market.

Design is a bit more conventional than their 9.8-inch stand, with a vertical arm, a hook with a recessed section, and a tray at the base for spooling your headphone’s 3.5mm cable. Construction is a mix of aluminum and wood, too, so it brings a little more sophistication than your standard model that’s usually cut in either acrylic or metal.

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Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand


If you use wireless headphones that charge via USB, this stand from Satechi may be something you’ll want to put on your shortlist, as it has USB 3.0 ports that you can use to charge your headphones while it’s docked. In fact, it has a trio of those ports, so you can also charge your phone, your tablet, or whatever other gadget you have in your stash. Those ports, by the way, can also transmit data if you hook it up to your PC or laptop, so your headphone stand can double as a veritable port hub for a bunch of your USB accessories.

There’s also a cable management system in the back, so you can tidy up the wires of those devices you’re plugging in its USB slots, while a tall height allows plenty of clearance below even with headphones docked on the stand, allowing you to place your phone and whatever devices you’re charging on its round base. Basically, if you want a stable, good-looking headphone stand that does a bit more than the usual, this is definitely one you’ll want to take a close look at.

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Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand


No, not all gamers like their accessories with sci-fi, LED-covered aesthetics. A lot of them do, though, which makes this stand from Tilted Nation a great fit for most gaming setups. This one embraces the whole gamer aesthetic, with LEDs that run all throughout the exterior and a base that looks like it could be part of a spacecraft. Heck, you can prop this thing next to a toy spacecraft on a shelf and it will look perfectly at home.

The base is weighted, so it should handle any kind of headphones you put on it with ease, all while staying upright even if you push it around on the desk surface. It has non-slip feet, too, so it won’t easily budge even when you knock it around. And yes, it’s tall and wide enough to handle even the burliest gaming headsets with more tech than you can use up, so there are no worries on that end.

A button on the base allows you to cycle between six colors on the RGB LEDs, along with a seventh option that gives it a constantly-changing breathing effect. It has a pair of USB 3.0 ports for charging your wireless headphones and other devices, as well as a mouse bungee, in case you want to fix your mouse cable in place for optimal movement during gameplay.

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