Theragun Wave Solo Theragun placed their vibration massaging tech inside a ball that you can bring anywhere and use discreetly.

We’re big fans of percussion massagers like the Theragun Pro and the Hyperice Hypervolt. They’re just, hands down, some of the best investments you can make when it comes to training recovery. As great as they are, they’re not exactly the kind of things you’re going to bust out when you’re trying to relieve some shoulder pain while working in the office. Yeah, you need something more discreet. Something like the Theragun Wave Solo.

Sized like a tennis ball, the vibration therapy device is small enough to fit in a pouch on your backpack, allowing you to bust it out any time you need pinpointed pressure towards aching muscles. Want some vibrating massage under your feet while you clear your inbox at the desk? This will do the trick. How about some on your lower back while you drive to the office? Yes, this will work, too. Basically, it lets you get some targeted massages without having to tie up either hand, making it very convenient.

The Theragun Wave Solo is a vibrating ball that’s designed to deliver therapeutic vibrations to focused areas of the body, which should help relieve tension, alleviate pains, and improve your overall mobility. It takes the firmness and small targeted shape that have made lacrosse balls a popular tool for pain relief on hard-to-reach areas like feet, hamstrings, lower backs, and other spots around the body, all while adding vibration to provide a massaging sensation that dampens pain while it digs deep into the muscle.

Three vibration settings allow you to find one that provides the most effective pressure for whatever body part you’re working on, so you can turn it up if you like hard massages or lower it if you want a gentler feel. The exterior, by the way, is covered in a wave texture that, the outfit claims, facilitates maximum traction, so it doesn’t slip off, regardless of what clothing you’re wearing.

The Theragun Wave Solo uses the outfit’s QuietRoll Technology, which mutes any reverberation from the device by redirecting it towards your body. That way, you’re not creating a noisy distraction while working on your aching muscles, making it viable to use while watching TV in the living room, grinding at work in the office, or even just chilling with your friends. Granted, there’s still probably going to be sound (there’s a motor inside, after all), but it’s low enough that it shouldn’t create an annoyance. The onboard rechargeable battery, by the way, holds enough power to keep it running for two hours straight, which should be enough to let you work on whatever aches plague you at any moment.

It comes with a companion app, where you can adjust the vibration intensity, although it does look like you can also do that right on the ball, since there’s a button there. More importantly, though, the app comes with guided routines, so you can get proper instruction for whichever specific muscles require a deep tissue massage.

The Theragun Wave Solo is available now, priced at $79.

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