The Paddler’s Alphabet Poster If you love taking to the water with a paddle in tow, you should be able to appreciate this beautifully-designed print.


It won’t be long before you have to retire the kayak back to its temporary home in the garage. While dreading the inevitable change of seasons, you might as well hang The Paddler’s Alphabet up your wall, so you can reminisce about the joys of the water when the unfavorable weather eventually comes around.

Made by My Outdoor Alphabet, it’s an alphabet print, with each letter accompanied by a graphic of something having to do with recreational watersport. From “aground” to “life jacket” to “portage” to “Z-drag,” it covers 26 terms that should be familiar to enthusiasts, all while serving as a basic introduction to the landlubbers who come by the house.


While designed to educate kids about that outdoors life, the Paddler’s Alphabet looks grown-up enough that even the wife won’t mind this hanging anywhere around the house (just not in her dresser, of course). Whether you spend your summers dragging a kayak to the beach, white water rafting on rough rivers, or paddleboarding on the nearby lake, this poster should help tide you over during the days you’re forced to pack up the gear and hibernate in the comfort of your home. Each one of these, by the way, is screen-printed on French Speckletone recycled paper that measures 18 x 24 inches. Just slip it into a nice frame and mount to any place where you can ogle the print while trying to kill away the winter blues.


Available now, the Paddler’s Alphabet is priced at $30.