Terrain 365 DTK-AT Designed to look like a dog tag, this mini-pocket folder lets you carry a functional knife around your neck or even in your jeans' coin pocket.

Given the choice between carrying a regular pocket-sized folder or one of those tiny folding knives, most people will probably choose the former. That larger blade, longer edge, and more substantial handle just lends itself to better utility. If you, however, want to free up your pockets for other things, then a small folder might be the way to go. You know, something like the Terrain 365 DTK-AT.

Designed to take on similar profile and dimensions as a standard US military-issue dog tag, the knife is small enough to cram into the coin pocket of your jeans, all while being small enough to hang around your neck like a regular dog tag. That way, you can bring along a functional knife for opening packages, cutting cords, and whatever else you use do with your blades without taking up any space in your bigger pockets, so you can use them for your phone, wallet, notebook, and whatever other EDC gear you like to bring along.

The Terrain 365 DTK-AT measures just 2.3 inches long when closed and weighs 1.6 ounces, so you can wear it like a dog tag via the lanyard hole on top without it getting in the way as you go about your day. It has a blade that measures 1.2 inches, with the whole thing measuring 3.9 inches with the blade deployed. Yes, that sounds really small, so your grip on this thing can be awkward, depending on what you’re cutting. For boxes and product packaging, it should be easy. For anything tougher, though, you’ll likely have to settle for some type of two-finger grip.

The blade, by the way, is made from terravantium alloy (dendritic cobalt), which, the outfit claims, is rust-proof and non-magnetic, so this won’t accidentally stick to magnets around you. From what we know, dendritic cobalt also holds a sharp edge for a really long time, so this is a good blade material all around. It pairs that blade with 6AL-4V titanium for the handles and the hardware, along with phosphorus bronze washers. Suffice to say, the materials are solid with this knife.

The Terrain 365 DTK-AT is a miniature framelock knife, so part of the handle helps to secure the blade in place whenever it’s deployed. It’s designed for one-handed opening using your thumb, via jimping on the top edge of the blade, so it should be quite convenient to use, whether at home, at work, or in the field. From what we can tell, the outfit is touting it as a “backup cutting tool,” which is understandable, given that the small size will make most tougher tasks a bit too much to handle. If you’re going to be carrying another knife, though, is there really a point to having one like this around? However, if you find yourself using your knife for little more than as a package and letter opener, we have a feeling using this as your standard EDC blade will be a lot more convenient.

The Terrain 365 DTK-AT is available now, priced at $179.

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