Ten Thousand Tactical Short Designed to withstand the toughest workouts in the roughest terrains, these shorts are meant to stay in your wardrobe for the long haul.

No, these shorts won’t let you hide a concealed carry, give you stealth powers, or even protect your family jewels from a wayward knee during pick-up basketball. It’s not that kind of tactical. Instead, the Ten Thousand Tactical Short gets its name because it was designed and tested in collaboration with the US Special Operations Forces, so it bears the durability, mobility, and versatility required to meet the demanding requirements of military fitness. Yeah, can’t complain with that.

Designed “for men who take their training extremely seriously,” the shorts boast an exceptional balance of lightweight build and durability, ensuring it didn’t hinder your motion in any way while you go through the toughest workouts. Basically, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill gym shorts, as this thing is designed to withstand the most punishing training conditions, whether it’s a long run through a muddy trail, circuit training at a rocky beach, or hardcore lifting sessions with geared-up bodybuilders at the local gym.

The Ten Thousand Tactical Short is made from a proprietary ripstop fabric that boasts four-way stretch to enable a complete range of motion and a hard-wearing build. How hard-wearing? According to the outfit, the shell has been tested to withstand over 10,000 abrasions without puncturing, while the waistband has been tested for over 20,000 abrasions without tearing or getting out of place. Suffice to say, this is arguably as durable a pair of training shorts as you’re going to find in the market.

It boasts lightweight and breathable qualities to match any gym shorts in terms of comfort, while being so gentle on the skin, it will never chafe even when the shorts stay soaking wet for extended periods, such as when you’re mixing laps at the pool with your resistance training. The fabric also won’t hold water, too, so it should dry quickly, in case you want to do a regular workout after a swim.

The Ten Thousand Tactical Short has a built-in compression liner, so you can go commando if that’s more comfortable and still enjoy full support. And no, the support is neither tight nor restrictive, so you’re not supposed to notice it during your workouts. The whole thing is even treated with a permanent coat of silver-ion, which, the outfit claims, will enable powerful odor control, so you can use the same shorts for multiple days between washes. We know, that sounds gross, but it also seems extremely convenient.

Side pockets with zip closures allow you to keep valuable items close and within easy reach, with a separate dedicated pocket sized to carry an ID, credit card, or some cash. They even threw in a dedicated pocket for your phone right on the liner, which, they claim, will keep it stationary (as opposed to bouncing all over your junk) even while go through your various exercises. It comes in two inseam sizes (5 and 7 inches), so you can go shorter or longer, depending on which style you prefer.

The Ten Thousand Tactical Short is available now, priced at $72.

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