Taylor Stitch Rugby Shirt Over the years, rugby shirts have become a staple part of men's fall rotation. Check out this sustainably-made, rugged piece from Taylor Stitch.

Chances are, you’ve heard about rugby. You know, that full-contact team sport that feels like a lot like American football, minus the protective pads and headgear. Yeah, it’s nasty. You know what’s not nasty? Those cool jerseys rugby players wear to the field. That’s why shirts based on that jersey have become a staple in many people’s fall outfits. If you’re looking to add a nice one to your closet, you might want to check out the Taylor Stitch Rugby Shirt.

No, it’s not an actual rugby jersey with club names and player numbers and sponsors and all that. Instead, it’s just a casual, long-sleeved collared shirt, which has evolved to become the standard style for rugby shirts off the field.  Whether you actually play rugby, cheer for a rugby team, or can’t be bothered to learn the sport whatsoever, it’s a great way to add a versatile casual shirt to your shoulder season rotation.

The Taylor Stitch Rugby Shirt is, basically, a collared shirt with long sleeves, albeit one that’s made using the outfit’s Heavy Bag blend fabric, which is thick enough to keep you reasonably warm on colder days while being durable enough to take a beating on the field. That fabric, by the way, is a more sustainable alternative to the usual heavyweight fabric, as it’s made using 52 percent upcycled cotton and 48 percent recycled polyester that they’ve shredded and respun. Because it’s recycled, it’s made without the need to use any water (other than to quench the thirst of their shop’s workers, of course), sparing the planet form the 1,200 gallons of water it will normally require to manufacture this much fabric for a single shirt. That’s according to the outfit, by the way, so don’t blame us if find the 1,200 gallons part a little too much.

It pairs that sustainable fabric for the shirt with a 7-ounce organic cotton twill material that’s been used to create the collar and placket detailing. The placket, by the way, comes with three rubber buttons, similar to the ones they use for actual playing jerseys.

The Taylor Stitch Rugby Shirt comes in two styles: one with navy stripes and one with a solid cypress color. Both come with contrasting light-colored collars, similar to other rugby shirts out there, along with natural twill tape detailing on the neck, ribbing on the cuffs, and vents on the lower sides. Because it’s a collared shirt, it’s a great way to add just a bit more style to casual outfits compared to your typical tees and henleys, all while pairing nicely with a pair of shorts, since you just look like you’re going to play rugby. If you really want to look the part, you can even slap a bandage across your head or something, since… you know… heads crashing onto each other is not an uncommon sight in a rugby game. Yes, getting a broken nose should not hurt either.

Want one? The Taylor Stitch Rugby Shirt is available now, priced at $88.

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