Tactica M.020 Multi-Tool Tactica's newest multi-tool is designed for the outdoors, with rope implements, a fire starter, and various other elements.

Some people are old-fashioned about their multi-tools, so they prefer them in a pocket knife form factor similar to the original Swiss Army knife. Others like their multi-tools with a more substantial grip, so they go for that much bigger and less pocket-friendly pliers-style profile. Those who want their multi-tools as compact as possible, on the other hand, go for more contemporary flat-pack designs like the Tactica M.020.

Designed for convenient everyday carry, the tool combines almost a dozen implements in a form factor that fits snugly in a card slot on your wallet. That way, you get access to a whole lot of functions without having to take up precious space in your pants pocket the way you normally would. So long as you have your wallet with you, you’ll be duly equipped to get a bunch of common tasks done.

The Tactica M.020 is a compact multi-tool that measures 3.6 x 2.2 x 0.25 inches (height x width x thickness), so it’s small enough to stick in a wallet card slot, use as a key fob, or even slip into a shirt pocket, making it extremely convenient to carry. While small enough to fit in a wallet, it doesn’t exactly come in a card form factor. Instead, we’ll probably describe it as more of a bottle opener shape, albeit in a really slim profile. Yeah… bottle opener form factor definitely sounds most fitting for this particular multi-tool.

Coming in the shape of a bottle opener, it naturally has a bottle opener onboard, so you can use it to pry the cap off your beer and soda bottles. There’s also a can opener, so you can get some grub along with that beverage, as well as a fire starter set made up of a detachable ferro rod and an integrated striking surface along the center, so you can heat up that canned grub if you want a hot meal.

The Tactica M.020 gets a hook at the bottom, which they recommend using to pull tent pegs (the bottle opener opening can serve as finger pulls), although you will have to remove the ferro rod to get access to it, same with the pry bar on its opposite side. There’s a hole designed to serve as a rope tensioner, a straight blade you can use as a rope cutter, and even a flat screwdriver sticking out on one side (nothing for Phillips screws, though). It also gets a bunch of ruler markings on the sides (one side in inches, another side in metric units) and a sun dial marking on top, just in case you forget your watch, phone, or whatever other timekeeping device you own.

As you can tell, the collection of tools in the rig is meant for outdoor recreation, making this a useful tool for camping, hiking, and other rugged adventures in the backcountry.  It comes in two makes: 420-grade stainless steel with PVC coating and grade 5 titanium with a polished finish.

The Tactica M.020 is available directly from their website, priced starting at $34.95.

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