T2 Iso Trainer This suspension trainer comes with elastic bands, allowing you to use it as resistance bands to expand its roster of workouts.

It looks like another suspension trainer. You know, those trucker bands with handles that you mount on the doorway for use in bodyweight exercises. And yes, it can function as one. Except, the T2 Iso trainer can facilitate a whole lot more exercises than your TRX system ever could.

Designed to do, pretty much, anything a suspension trainer could, you can mount it to any doorway or overhead beam for doing a whole host of exercises that uses your bodyweight for resistance. Unlike simple suspension trainers, though, it can create resistance using elastic bands and a force multiplier system that, the outfit claims, will multiply your resistive effort, so you can work with much more resistance than your own bodyweight can provide.

The T2 Iso Trainer has their two main straps attached to a box the outfit calls T2 Force Lock Resistance Housing, a contraption with no moving parts that supposedly multiplies the resistance you provide. We’re not entirely sure how it works or how legit it is, but they’re pushing that as one of the system’s main selling points. Those straps, by the way, are elastic, so they can be stretched to change up the way you perform the exercises, with the option to adjust the strap length by simply moving the handle loops closer to the resistance housing.

From what we can tell, that housing can be attached to the anchor strap directly, allowing you to perform suspension trainer exercises with just that setup. Because it uses elastic straps, that basic setup can also function as a resistance band, so it stays useful even during those times you can’t find a mounting spot for suspension training. You can step on the bands, for instance, to do arm curls, squats, and other exercises, as well as mount it to the side of a doorway or tie it to a post to do flies, presses, and other similar movements.

The T2 Iso Trainer also comes with another elastic strap that can go between the resistance housing and the mount, which should provide maximum resistance for any workout you perform, as well as maximum versatility to enable even more complex movements. When using it as a resistance band, you can clip both ends to the resistance housing, allowing you to use the extra strap to anchor it to your body. The straps, by the way, have a tensile strength of 3,800 pounds and the metal CAM buckles have a 880-pound capacity, so you can be sure this thing will hold its form without snapping, so you’ll be safe regardless of what exercise you’re doing.

According to the outfit, the equipment can be used to mimic sport-specific movements and duplicate free weight exercises, all while allowing you to adjust intensity on-the-fly. Yeah, it sounds to be overpromising a lot, so we’re not quite sure what to make of it. Would love to test it for a couple workouts, though, so we can see just how much of an upgrade it really is.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the T2 Iso Trainer. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $139.

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