Swims Breeze Loafers Wearing loafers with socks? Not the best look. No socks? Not the best smell. Well, not the case if you're wearing these ultra-breathable loafers.


Loafers with no socks – that’s how you roll. We get it. We’d wear loafers without socks all day, every day, too, if we didn’t get sweaty feet. Maybe we don’t have to with the Swims Breeze, a pair of loafers that, the outfit claims, is as breathable as state-of-the-art running footwear.

Billed as the “ultra-light, ultra-flexible and ultra-breathable loafer,” the shoes let you dress like you’re ready to board a yacht in the summer, while keeping your feet free from sweat and stink. It boasts 360-degree breathability, too, so every part of your foot is well-ventilated, ensuring you won’t build up any sweat from the knuckle to the toes.


The Swims Breeze Loafers use heavily-perforated materials on both the upper and the sole, allowing it to have airflow like you’ve never seen in loafers before. It has a semi-seamless construction to minimize the chances of irritation, while a molded fabric upper ensures all day comfort for your feet. Outsole is made from a cushioned and injection-molded EVA-rubber blend that delivers on both energy return and flexibility, so you can walk all day without feeling stiff. It comes in eleven colorways, some louder than others, so whether you want to stand out, blend in, or stay low-key, you’ll find something to suit your needs.


Available now, the Swims Breeze Loafers are priced at $130.

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