Suunto Kailash Smartwatch A watch for globetrotting travelers, Suunto's latest smartwatch lets you keep track of your jet-setting adventures.


It takes a special kind of guy to be a globetrotting adventurer. Whether it be an urge to explore, an appetite for risk, or just way too much money in your bank account, you have something that just doesn’t exist with a whole lot of the population. We’re guessing that’s why a watch like the Suunto Kailash can only make sense to someone like you.

Designed for frequent travelers, it works with the accompanying Suunto 7R app (iOS) to keep track of every single one of your jet-setting adventures. In a nutshell, it lets you keep records and visual maps of your travels, which you can access both from the phone and from your wrist, so you can easily relive each one, whether it’s mountain climbing in Zermatt, exploring the urban sprawls of Abu Dhabi, or seemingly-endless food-sampling in the Sichuan province.


If you’re OCD about your traveling, the Suunto Kailash just might become your favorite toy, as it can track how many countries you’ve visited, how many days you’ve spent away from home, and the total distance you’ve traveled. Basically, data that gives you better perspective of just how much traveling you’re actually doing. Of course, it also packs the same navigation talents as other Suunto watches, so you can use it as a turn-by-turn exploration guide as soon as you land in a new town, apart from handling basic smartphone notifications.


It comes with the same familiar round design as most other watches under the brand, with a glass fiber case, space-grade titanium bezel, and a sapphire crystal glass. Other features include a 128×128 LCD display, onboard GPS with GLONASS, and up to 10 days of battery life.

Available now, the Suunto Kailash is priced at $950.