Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Multisport GPS Watch Built for high-altitude athletes, Suunto's new multisport GPS watch incorporates metrics that climbers should find vital to their climbing adventures.


While the Ambit3 Peak remains the flagship of Suunto’s newest line, it’s not always the best choice, depending on the kind of activities you frequently engage in. If climbing takes up a considerable amount of your recreational obsessions, for instance, the new Suunto Ambit3 Vertical should prove to be a more suitable companion.

Designed for high-altitude athletes, the multisport GPS watch measures elevation using barometric pressure, enabling more accurate reading than competing watches that rely solely on GPS information. More importantly, it uses those readings to present a whole new set of metrics that should prove more useful to anyone looking to use a GPS watch for climbs and ascents.


The Suunto Ambit3 Vertical comes with built-in systems for planning and tracking your elevation in detail, compiling daily, weekly, monthly and yearly totals, along with the amount of time it takes you to reach each point. Unlike many multisport watches that present elevation in trivialized form, it’s designed to display everything in detail, allowing you to better visualize your routes for a clearer picture of your progress. And while the bulk of the changes for that happen on the software side, the hardware does get some tasty upgrades, too.

For instance, the familiar bump on the watch band (which holds the antenna) no longer exists on this version of the Ambit3. Instead, they’ve been able to integrate the antenna into the bezel, creating a more streamlined look, apart from adding the haptic feedback feature that’s long been requested by Suunto users. The rest of the capabilities mirror the Sport version of the Ambit3, so it doesn’t quite the get the long-running battery life of the higher-priced Peak.

Available now, the Suunto Ambit 3 Vertical is priced at $469.