Super73-S1 E-Bike Combining a compact frame with a powerful motor, this e-bike can make your morning work commute a whole lot more fun.

E-bikes are great. They’re as convenient to ride as a regular bicycle, all while getting you to your destination a heck of a lot faster with a whole lot less work. Few e-bikes have made as big an impact as the original Super73, which some people credit as kicking off the whole craze back in 2016. The Super73-S1 takes that very popular ride and makes it even better.

Designed as much for fun as it is for utility, the e-bike combines a compact size with a minimalist frame that allows it to accelerate in a satisfying manner, all while being able to zip through traffic with the same agility as a BMX bike. Suffice to say, this is the kind of ride that can make those few miles of morning commute very fun without any of the hassle that typically with riding a traditional motorcycle.

The Super73-S1 E-Bike is powered by a 500-watt motor situated in the bike’s rear hub, which can push it to top speeds of 20 mph. Do note, that 20 mph is the motor’s official rating, although many reviews of the bike have noted that they easily got 25 mph on this when riding on perfectly flat roads. It pairs that motor with a 14.5Ah Panasonic battery that can keep it on the road for up to 40 miles on a full charge, allowing you to take this to work and back without recharging, complete with a few extra stops (maybe a trip to your favorite restaurant for some takeout before dinner). More importantly, the battery is removable (it’s that thing that looks like a fuel tank in the front frame), so you can easily swap in a fresh unit if you carry one along, allowing you to extend the range to as long as you need.

It has three levels of pedal assist, in case you still prefer to put your legs to work during riding, all while managing to run like a regular bicycle, in case your battery ever dies in the middle of a ride. A control hub with a built-in LCD sits on the handlebars, where you can turn the motor on/off, change pedal assist settings, and check important information (speed, mileage, battery life).

The Super73-S1 E-Bike weighs just 70 pounds, so you should be able to put it on bike mounts as easily as a regular bicycle, all while accommodating riders up to 275 pounds. According to the outfit, the bike’s geometry and oversized vinyl seat should accommodate riders from 4’9’’ to 6’9’’, which, let’s be honest, should make it usable to the vast majority of the population. It has smaller 20-inch wheels that help increase the rear torque, allowing the bike to climb slopes without requiring you to do some extra work on the pedals. To ensure adequate stopping power, it’s fitted Tektro hydraulic alloy disc brakes. Other features include a large headlight, rear brake light, a stainless steel frame, and knobby tires that should make it functional for off-road riding.

The Super73-S1 E-Bike is available now, priced at $2,200.

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