Bernard Favre Planet Classic Watch Winder

If you're willing to spend a little (okay, a lot) on a watch winder, this series of winders from Bernard Favre offers the kind of premium aesthetics that turn any automatic timepiece into a gorgeous display object.

Throne Los Angeles 1.5 Watch

Inspired by Southern California's sunny and sandy coast, Throne's newest watch features a gold-on-gold motif that puts a gold-plated dial inside a gold-plated steel case, creating a classy and timeless look.

AVI-8 x Worn&Wound WANDW1

Combining elements from the popular military watches of the mid-20th century, this rugged, stylish, and vintage-looking timepiece lets you cop the retro tool watch look at a reasonably affordable price.

Garmin Forerunner 630 Running Watch

Garmin's flagship running watch goes beyond typical fitness tracking by monitoring advanced running dynamics and physiological data, enabling it to build even clearer metrics not only for reviewing your performance, but predicting it.

Suunto Kailash Smartwatch

A watch for globetrotting adventurers, Suunto's latest smartwatch lets you keep track of your jet-setting adventures, working with an accompanying app to let you relive them with a quick glance on your wrist.

The Flatiron Watch Box

A man takes care of his prized possessions. As such, a small but beloved collection of watches probably deserve better than to be lying around on top of a side table with keys, coins, and a dirty Swiss Army Knife.

Casio G-Shock G-Steel GSTS110BD-1A2

If you still favor the tough G-Shock aesthetic but need a dressier watch to match your more mature post-college wardrobe, Casio's new G-Shock G-Steel Range might be the ticket to solving your accessory dilemma.

Weiss Limited Issue Field Watch

American-made and mechanical watches don't usually go hand-in-hand. They do, however, in the case of Weiss' Field Watch, which gets two new limited edition models that you might find to your liking.

Matthew Hilton MH01 Watch

Sometimes, you want to wear busy watches with ornate complications. Other times, you just want an elegant timepiece with clean lines and minimalist dial. Furniture designer Matthew Hilton's MH01 will work beautifully in those latter situations.

Apple Watch Hermès

Proving that a good watch band can do a whole lot for a timepiece, Hermès just stepped up the Apple Watch's aesthetics with a trio of band styles that makes the erstwhile smartwatch look a whole lot more like wrist candy.

LG Watch Urbane Luxe

Smartwatches may be gadgets, but anything worn prominently on your wrist need to be treated as a nice piece of jewelry. Android Wear fans now have that option with the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, a limited-edition, luxury smartwatch adorned in 23-karat gold with an alligator leather strap.