Ventus Black Kite Watch

Built to withstand the rigors of everyday wear, this classic pilot's watch armors up with a carbon fiber case and a sapphire crystal glass, combining the toughest materials while coming in at an affordable price.

Luminox F-177 Nighthawk 6400-Series Watch

You rarely find a timepiece with a tougher and more masculine aesthetic than this Luminox tribute to the F-177 Nighthawk, which brings a murdered-out, all-black design to match the fighter jet's vaunted stealth prowess.

Montblanc 4810 Orbis Terrarum Pocket Watch

A clever complication and a busy watch face gives this limited edition pocket watch an impressive world timer function, allowing you to easily see the exact time of day in any region of the world with a few clicks on the pusher.

Tag Heuer Monaco Reissue

This reissue of the revolutionary Heuer Monaco reprises all the elements that made the original a classic, all while adding a new sapphire crystal, bigger lugs, and a transparent back to let you admire the world's first automatic chronograph movement.

Breitling Exospace B55 Watch

Breitling's version of a smartwatch goes beyond notifications, pairing with an accompanying smartphone app to let you control the various mechanical functions without having to memorize confusing button sequences.

Anicorn Series 000 Watch

Anicorn's first automatic watch sports an unconventional dial that uses concentric discs that rotate clockwise to tell the time, turning up an interesting watch face to contrast with the undeniably refined aesthetic.

Ressence Type 5 Watch

This unusual dive watch immerses the entire movement and dial in 37.5 ml of oil to compensate for underwater pressure and keep the watch face readable from any angle while exploring the deep sea.

Lew and Huey Phantom A Watch

It may not deliver the utilitarian features of a full-fledged pilot watch, but the aviation-inspired styling on Lew and Huey's newest timepiece gives it the same rugged and handsome appeal as a well-tailored bomber jacket.

Autodromo Group B Watch

Autodromo's latest watch pays homage to the short-lived but unforgettable Group B era of motorsports, bringing a timepiece that combines the design language of the early 80s with technical materials and racing aesthetics.

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual Watch

The latest addition to MB&F's Legacy Machine collection aims for the pinnacle of horological complications, creating a watch with a perpetual calendar that doesn't suffer from the same problems as traditional grand lever mechanisms.

Huckleberry & Co Archibald Watch

A stellar first effort from an upstart Australian brand, this Bauhaus-inspired timepiece sports a minimalist design that bears enough elegance to use as a dress watch while being casual enough for everyday wear.

Bernard Favre Planet Classic Watch Winder

If you're willing to spend a little (okay, a lot) on a watch winder, this series of winders from Bernard Favre offers the kind of premium aesthetics that turn any automatic timepiece into a gorgeous display object.

Throne Los Angeles 1.5 Watch

Inspired by Southern California's sunny and sandy coast, Throne's newest watch features a gold-on-gold motif that puts a gold-plated dial inside a gold-plated steel case, creating a classy and timeless look.